These are some useful resources used by myself and my research group for getting started.

This is not meant to be complete but gives some options to start with for financial technology papers. I would be content with a publication at any one of these.

  • General security conferences: IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy, ACM CCS, USENIX Security (followed by: NDSS, EuroS&P, AsiaCCS, ACSAC).
  • General cryptography conferences: CRYPTO, EUROCRYPT, ASIACRYPT.
  • Specialized conferences: Financial Cryptography.
  • Specialized workshops: WTSC/DeFi (@FC), IEEE S&B (@EuroSP), CBT (@ESORICS), DeFiSec (@CCS), BCC (@AsiaCCS)
  • New and interesting: ACM Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT), Cryptoeconomic Systems (CES)
  • Magazines: Communications of the ACM, IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine
  • General academic speaking events: Real World Crypto, USENIX Enigma, Grace Hopper Celebration
  • Specialized academic speaking events: Stanford Blockchain Conference, Devcon, Cryptoeconomics and Security Conference


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