Prospective Researchers

Legend: ✅ currently hiring; ⚛️ may have positions soon; ⚠️ not currently hiring (but submit your application for future consideration).

Application Form

If you are interested in joining my research team, please prepare a resume/CV and then fill out this form:

Part-Time Research Assistants

When positions are available paid, part-time research positions will be in conjunction with a Montreal-based auditing firm, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Any past experience in blockchain technology, cryptography, cybersecurity or machine learning will be an asset.

Tips and Regrets

I get a lot of applications and questions about open positions. I look at every thing I receive but regret that I am unable to respond unless if there is a match.

If you are applying for a PhD position, I require students to have a solid background in cryptography/security (my opinion is that a PhD is too late to shift research directions) and have some publications in recognizable venues in the field.